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Are these the best Attar Perfume that you will ever find or what? Nasaem Alshrq provide some of the best variations in Attar. We take our perfumes seriously and that is why you will find us ranking the highest amongst providers.

We have the best price for quality because we get our goods straight from the source (if you are interested in Wholesale then please give us a call or visit our wholesale page). Of course, we don’t just offer wholesale as you will see from our huge selection of individually priced Attar Perfume.

We like to keep things sweet and simple here at Nasaem because we know you deserve the best!

Attar Perfume

So why should you get Attar Perfume instead of traditional Eau de Toilette or other Perfumes?

Quite simple! Here we are going to give you a list of benefits and pros of using non-alcohol and chemically induced products.

  1. Aromatherapy comes to mind of course. They contain essential oils and are natural and pure in nature. The scents, along with their oils, penetrate the senses and last a long time.
  2. They are free from alcohol. We all know alcohol can be quite harsh on the skin. If it is capable of dissolving fats and is flammable, then we can safely say that alcohol can affect your skin and its oils.
  3. Attar Perfume is oil based, and so last a lot longer than water-based and alcohol-based perfumes. They are thicker in nature, and due to the fragrance being cured (depending on the quality of course) a scent can last for days and even longer.
  4. Commercial perfumes tend to be filled with many other harsh chemicals that can affect sensitive skin. That being said, how much research is done into these things found in perfumes.

Check Out Our Variations of Fragrances

Here you find some of the best attars that you could ask for. For instance, our range includes budget friendly options that can keep you going throughout the week. And we have our more luxury options normally used on special occasions (well, some would even use them to go through the week too!): Oud!

That’s right! Oud Attar Perfume is taking the world by storm.

Attar Perfume Taking the World By Storm?

They sure are! You see, back in the days, here in the UK and Europe, all you see at the store is bottles of alcohol smelling, chemically infused liquids harsh on the skin. I don’t know if you’ve been to the high street recently but things have changed. Just take a look at what they now offer! Arabic style fragrances that are thick and heavy, long lasting, and easy on the skin.

When you have something good and better priced matched up against something expensive and concerning, it is only normal to see the “replacement process” take place.

You see some of the big stores put Oud on their front shelves from Primark to, well, just about any other super high street chain!

What more say us at this stage? As a result, if you have not made a choice yet on whether you will buy Attar Perfume or not then we are out of ammo. We can say that again! With everything said, if the above is not convincing enough then we have no idea what is. Apart from giving attar away for free but then why would we want to do that!

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